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spring summer collection

Made to Order
made-to-order production is the solution to fashion’s waste problem because there is no overproduction.

In the past, everything was slower. Before fast fashion emerged as a trend, people cared about their clothes in a precious way, not because they are expensive but because of the effort and crafts spent on every piece. Especially when people were still making their clothes, each piece of the garment would be kept for a longer time in their wardrobe, have a more meaningful journey with people.

 Many pieces in this collection are made with hand-treated fabric that we developed by using a“felting” technique on silk fabrics like organza. Other hand-crafts such as beading are also used to bind multiple layers of fabric together while adding details and textures at the same time. The prints are inspired by fun vintage photos and sketched by ourselves. We are trying to recreate a lifestyle from the past: when every single dress is precious to a girl, and women would fix and change their clothes by themselves, decorate their clothes with beads for embroidery.

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